Gentle, understanding care in a clean,
peaceful environment
Since its establishment in 1981, we provide advanced nursing care services.
The fundamental principle of the Nishiyama Hospital Group is
providing gentle, understanding healthcare in a clean, peaceful environment.
We strive to understand the needs and feelings of those requiring healthcare and their families,
and to extend a gentle helping hand in providing services to the local area.
The Issuikai Medical Corporation
In Japanese, “issui” means “one head or ear of a crop.” It is our aim that, like a single ear of rice,
all of our staff members come together to function as a single, cohesive unit,
while at the same time, devoting themselves to research that will become the seeds of the next harvest.

Hospitalization-Based Care

Capacity : 271 beds
Medical Care and Nursing Care
Nishiyama Hospital
The main hospital of the Nishiyama Hospital Group, this pioneering geriatric hospital opened in 1981,
and is wellequipped to handle the coming aging society of Japan.

Non-Hospitalization-Based Care

Capacity : 164 beds
Nursing Care
Nishiyama Nursing Home
Opened as the second Nishiyama Hospital in 1986. The 4th floor ward is dedicated to residents with severe dementia.
Capacity : 148 beds
Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility
for the Elderly
Nishiyama Wellcare
This facility is for patients whose condition is stable and does not require hospitalization according to the nursing care levels of 1-5, as well as for those requiring rehabilitation.
Capacity : 18 beds
Group Home
Heidi’s House
In this family-oriented environment, we strive to ease the advancements of dementia through staff support and communal living in small numbers.
Capacity : 29 patients
Intensive-Care Nursing Home
Nursing Home
Nishiyama No Mori
This is a small-scale intensive-care nursing home that providesprivate living quarters.
Here, staff provide close-knit care to patients, in an environ ment that they are both accustomed to and comfortable in.

Home / Outpatient Care

Outpatient Rehabilitation
Nishiyama Hospital/
Nishiyama Nursing Home
With our home/outpatient care,
we provided integrated medical/rehabilitation/nursing services,
based on individual needs and wishes. Our highly individualized programs are always carried out with a smile.
Short-Time Outpatient
Nishiyama Wellcare
This half-day rehabilitation service focuses on individualized rehabilitation.
It also focuses on power rehabilitation and relaxation.
Nishiyama No Mori
Adult Daycare
Outpatient daycare
for dementia
This is a small-scale adult daycare service for those who live at home,in which we provide care that meets the needs of those with dementiasymptoms, in a familyoriented environment.
Short-Stay Care
Nishiyama Hospital/
Nishiyama Wellcare
During this short-stay care,we provide services such as nutrition management, meals, and bathes.
Nishiyama Hospital Group
Nursing Insurance Center
Home Nursing
Support Office
After meeting with those who require home nursing and their families,
care managers help them apply for nursing insurance, create care plansfor them, act as a liaison between them and relevant organizations,
and provide other services that nursing insurance allows.
Local Comprehensive
Support Center
Commissioned by Hamamatsu City, this comprehensive support center links together professionals, such as senior healthcare specialists, certified socialworkers, and public health nurses, to allow elderly people to peacefully in an environment that they are used to.

Nishiyama Hospital

Main Building / West Building
Nishiyama Hospital Main Building Exterior
Main Building Cafeteria
Main Building Rehabilitation Room
Main Building 1F Lobby
Main Building Cafeteria
West Building Hospital Room
Main Building Hospital Ward Corridor
Main Building Hospital Room
Main Building Bathroom
East Building
East Building Exterior
Rehabilitation Room
South Building
South Building Exterior
Hospital Ward Corridor
Consultation Corner

Nishiyama Wellhospital

Nishiyama Wellcare Exterior
1F Hall
Patient Room
Activity Hall

Nishiyama Nursing Home

Nishiyama Nursing Home Exterior
1F Lobby
1F Tearoom